Viral marketing - Unconventional ways of communication and marketing

We claim to be different: because we do not represent a huge multinational marketing agencies. we are unique, because of non-traditional marketing and manufacturing marketing strategies. because we think of the classic advertising is dying. The technical and social changes induced by the transformed traditional business operations. Two decades ago, many hours of the monthly payroll paper reported over the stoop, and now has a few mouse clicks can be arranged. Meanwhile, was there a substantive change in the marketing communication? The years go by, but still ther are annoyingly mediocre and expensive TV spots, press advertisements and useless networks. As the train window blurred the landscape, or, as the samples are assimilated with the wallpaper, it melts into the message advert mass... without any impact on the targeted group. It is now time to revise the basics of conventional advertisments! We believe that the market is nothing more than talk. Today's Internet is very similar to medium woven markets centuries ago, where people not only had to buy, but get educated, gossip, entertainment. We think the potential customers will need interesting valuable content, and even strive to be more sincere in your communication with them! It is not worth any more to try to outshout the ad noise screaming. creat more buzz and join the conversation! Ono of our take is dental and the highly competitve gambling industry where we use both traditional and viral tools for online promotions. Another good way of getting viral is with the social engagement. For an igaming affiliate we suggested serious content development and no download free slots have become asset that people can like on facebook, can share or google +1 to share. Dental industry remains exposed to market changes and latest challange of the global crises in the economy made it justified to look for dental treatment abroad. Soluitions are varied, agencies, customers need to adopt to changes as well as look at the benchmark. | 2010 | unconventional marketing solutions for everyday advertising * get viral with us!











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