Viral marketing for gambling - Online casinos

There are a lot of really cometitve industries that use the internet as a prime source to target solvent customers and clients. This holds true for online casino gambling - where competition is really fierce and marketeers have come up diverse solution to penetrate the markt and get a piece of the the gamblers' cake. They do black hat seo, they use social sites for SMO and they use mailg systems to develope a larger customer base. Competition is tough - with a a really big number of sites out there. There are different approaches to a successful online casino campaign. We will use some traditional and some less conventional tools to help some gambling operators succeed in this really competitve filed. We will develope strategies and some new approaches to liven up the cyber casino bonus promotions for different providers on the internet. We keep in touch with the best online casino guide portals - we always work in the background to help operators with their online marketing efforts.

Now it looks that 2012 has brought a lot in terms of changes affecting most casino affiliate sites. Google panda updates have been long welcome with step-by-step marketers and many of the competitors using backlink builders, paid links and spammy techiques now face serious drops even exclusion from google serps as of April 2012. Blatant link bulding no longer works and this what clearly to be understood by those having used these kind of services. Also, onsite optimization looks being taken more seriously by google engineers - spammers, keyword stuffers and cloaking operators are now seeing the penalty imposed on them.

The gambling industry is lucrative and there are plenty of operators that take part in affiliate programs as a way of driving traffic to online casinos and getting a fair cut of the melon. Many of the siteopretors see the drawbacks of earlier bad decisions and it seem that thos linkbuilding services from India will not pay off in the future. Social marketing as such comes into play with casino sites too ad google take social signals and vibrance more seriously than it did in the past. | 2010 | unconventional marketing solutions for everyday advertising * get viral with us!











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