Medical travel

With more and more expensive health insurance and a growing need to save on medical treatments have created the term 'medical tourism' and it seems this type of tourism requires a special attention from medical clinics to tour organisers alike.

There are favourite regions for any given country. While a patients living in Australia would opt out for Thailand for their plastic surgery or dental treatment a Briton or Irish patient would cast their vote for Budapest or some other popular health centers is Eastern Europe.

American nationals should look further than Mexico or South America with new direct airlines between major European medical services centres like Poland, The Chech republic or Hungary.

Some medical clinics

Plastic surgery

Dental treatment

Hair loss surgery

For Western Europeans there are two choices: either to go to Turkey to save up the most or they should consider Warsaw, Prague or Budapest where they get value for their money with safeguards like standards required by the European Union. They not only save money but they make a smart choice as medical standards meet regulations and treatments live up to expectations in many cases they even surpass them.

There are now more and more online booking sites that compaire prices and offer information on clinics, doctors and treatments. This is useful for both patients and the medical care providers as well. There is a growing competition of service providers but demands are also on the rise.

Some popular agent sites

New direct flights to the US from European medical tourism hotspots will open new markets for Canadians and US patients alike. This might somewhat reshape the map of current health care providers but it will remain to be seen who benefits the most in 2018. | 2017 | unconventional marketing solutions for everyday advertising * get viral with us!


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